Why Lebloo?

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Choosing the right translation provider can make all the difference.

Lebloo is officially born in 2020 as a brand, but its real inception goes way back, as the translations area of YOPPEN® Global – The same team, plus new faces, are now conforming Lebloo Team, bringing all the experience to a new self-service platform for quicker translations requests and an easier more gratifying user experience – and ready to be on the go! as expected in the 2020’s.

But, Why Lebloo?

We will give you the 10 most important reasons to choose Lebloo as your to-go translation company:

1. We have an on-the-go platform

We make it easier for you to request translations anytime and from anywhere! As it should be. Translate in advance or last minute through our online system and receive your translations right in your inbox.

We have taken the time to design a platform that is easy to use and gives you the best possible user experience. ¿Do you like it? Please send us your feedback here.

2. We service the entire globe

Lebloo provides translation services to you, wherever you are. No matter where do you ove, where your company is located or if you are on a trip at the moment – We will provide you with translation services and invoices for your business.

Most of our customers are located in the following areas:

  • Translations in Chile
  • Translations in USA
  • Translations in South Africa
  • Translations in California
  • Translations in Washington
  • Translations in Argentina
  • Translations un Brazil
  • Translations in Denmark
  • Translations in Sweden
  • Translations in Norway
  • Translations in Iceland
  • Translations in Canada
  • Translations in Peru
  • Translations in Bahamas
  • Translations in Aruba
  • Translations in Madagascar
  • Translations in Switzerland
  • Translations in Malta
  • Translations in London
  • Translations in Finland
  • Translations in Mexico
  • Translations in Italy
  • Translations in France
  • Translations in Spain
  • Translation in Portugal
  • Translations in Germany
  • Translations in Austria
  • Translations in Luxembourg
  • Translations in Australia
  • Translations in Scotland
  • Translations in UK
  • Translations in Czech Republic
  • Translations in China

3. Faster turnarounds

No matter the language, your translation could take only a matter of hours to be ready and in your hands.

Depending on the type of translation, length and if it undergoes proofreading or not, we will give you a time estimate. We commit to a delivery time between 12 hours to 5 business day, depending on the above.

4. Lower prices

This one is easy, just look around! We have lower translation prices. period.

5. No hidden fees

What you see is what you pay – There are no hidden or extra fees to pay.

6. Guaranteed work

All Lebloo translations are guaranteed. You will be happy – we promise!

7. Languages available

The great number of languages available has no comparison! Enjoy ALL the languages you need – or could ever need – in the same integrated platform.

Our language pairs available are – but not limited to:

  • Translation American English to British English
  • Translation English to Spanish
  • Translation English to Portuguese
  • Translation English to French
  • Translation English to German
  • Translation English to Dutch
  • Translation English to Italian
  • Translation English to Polish
  • Translation English to Russian
  • Translation English to Finnish Suomi
  • Translation English to Norwegian Norsk
  • Translation English to Swedish Svenska
  • Translation English to Danish
  • Translation English to Icelandic
  • Translation English to Mapudungun
  • Translation English to Aymara
  • Translation English to Arabic
  • Translation English to Chinese
  • Translation Spanish to English
  • Translation Spanish to Portuguese
  • Translation Spanish to Italian
  • Translation Spanish to French
  • Translation Spanish to German
  • Translation German to Spanish
  • Translation French to Spanish
  • Translation Icelandic to Spanish
  • Translation Mapudungun to Spanish
  • Translation Arabic to Hebrew
  • Translation Arabic to English
  • Translation Norwegian to Arabic
  • Translation Chinese to English
  • Translation Chinese to Spanish
  • Translation Portuguese to Spanish
  • Translation Portuguese to English
  • Translation Italian to Spanish

8. Safety

All your information is stored securely , including sensitive data such us your personal information and translations, that are managed in our protected platform.

Also, all online payments are processed through secure payment getaways that ensure safe transactions.

Our website has a security certificate and other measures that allows us to offer a secure safe environment to operate and transact worry-free.

9. Options

We offer a unique pricing estructure that allows you, the client, to choose the most suitable PPW (Price Per Word) for your translation needs.

10. Customer Service

Once you work with us, you are allocated an account manager to be your go-to person. You get to know your account manager and can trust your Lebloo AM with all your needs.

Also, It stands behind YOPPEN®

We have experience, talent and the support of YOPPEN® – Being part of a great company has its benefits!

YOPPEN® is a global agency specialized in multilingual services. YOPPEN offers 360º marketing solutions and tailored services for businesses and individuals, including:

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