With Lebloo’s new online translation system, order your translations 24/7 and in three simple steps

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Order online, pay and wait

On the platform, the client must indicate the text to translate and the language to be modified, choose the level of technicality, the type of service required, and make the payment. After that, it only remains to wait, since the work will be ready between 12 hours and five business days.

The new Lebloo translation service is perfect for finding the expert in the language to translate. Being an online system, it is much easier, since it is possible to connect from anywhere, be it the house, the office or the street itself and from the platform that is deemed convenient, which can be the computer, the tablet or even the cell phone . Also, being a digital platform you can request a 24/7 translation and a certified and experienced professional will do the job.

With a user-centered design, the Lebloo website (https://www.lebloo.com/) is presented with a friendly, simple and easy-to-use interface that with just three steps allows any client to request a translation in a wide range of languages ​​and in three different plans: Standard, Guru and Express. Each of these offers a different service and price, and the final rate to be paid is calculated based on the number of words, the language, the technicality requested and the plan that each client chooses.

The translation price is free of taxes and additional shipping charges. Once payment is made, work can be completed in 12 hours or it can take up to five business days to arrive directly to the customer’s inbox.

At Lebloo quality is guaranteed and information is safe. Sensitive data such as personal customer information that translations may contain are protected by the platform, as well as credit card or bank account data. The Lebloo website has a security certificate and other measures that provide the customer with a secure environment and transact without worry.

10 advantages of translating with Lebloo:

  1. Friendly Platform
    The website interface is friendly and the translation order platform takes no more than five minutes.
  2. Request a translation in three simple steps
    Each translation is done simply and quickly in just three steps: Paste the text to be translated and choose the language; choose the technicality required and type of service; and pay. Just sit back and wait!
  3. Wide range of languages ​​worldwide
    No matter where you are or what language you need, with Lebloo it is possible and fast.
  4. Translate multiple texts at the same time
    In a translation project, the client may request that several texts be translated into different languages ​​and with different plans and technicalities.
  5. Choose the technical level that is required
    Lebloo offers nine text options with different levels of technicality: marketing, media, comments or reviews, product description, blog or website, legal, research or paper, medical and technical.
  6. Select the type of service needed
    The online translation platform has three different plans: Standard, Guru and Express. The Standard plan is a professional translator, while the Guru plan is a professional translator in the requested language and additionally there is a proofreader of the translated text. The Express service, meanwhile, is a professional translator in the requested language who performs the work in 48 hours or less.
  7. Low and convenient prices on the market
    The translation value is calculated based on the number of words, the chosen plan and the language.
  8. Quick delivery
    Delivery is direct to the customer’s inbox and can take between 12 hours and five business days depending on the plan chosen by the customer.
  9. Tax free and shipping service
    Lebloo allows you to quote the translation from the first minute and it will not change with respect to the end. The service is free of taxes and shipping surcharges.
  10. A larger project can be quoted
    With Lebloo you can also quote a larger project and for this you should only contact the executives through the website.


About Lebloo

Lebloo provides translation services in multiple languages and is available to businesses and individuals around the globe through its amazing 24/7 translation platform on the go. Lebloo is committed to an easy,  quick, transparent and exceptional service.

Find out more at www.Lebloo.com, facebook and instagram

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