The importance of translating ecommerce content

5 reasons why your online business needs translations


Do you really want to have an attractive online business that stands out on the web? Do not stay in the past, to get the best out of your ecommerce you have to adapt it to today’s reality: choose to translate content from your online business and website to reach a larger and more diverse audience.

Scientific development offers us an almost unimaginable variety of devices, techniques and means that improve communication and interaction, improving every day. Globalization is in continuous development and thanks to new technological tools it has been possible to generate thousands of networks of all kinds around the world, being able to bring together and connect every corner of any continent. One of these is the possibility of connecting with a person from anywhere in the world even if you do not know the languages ​​they can speak through online translations.

Do you want to translate your online store or translate your blog?

¿Quieres traducir tu tienda online o traducir tu blog?

Likewise, globalization has had a great economic impact, such as the different international initiatives in foreign economic policy, the development of transnational companies or the growth of entrepreneurs who use online stores. It should not be surprising that some transnationals manage capital higher than the GDP of many states. The trend at the international level is towards the opening of borders in economic and commercial matters.

This context has created the perfect conditions for the development of an efficient, immediate and international electronic commerce. Today with just one click, you can buy what you want by triggering a series of connections from the armchair of your home to any company in the world so that the transaction is carried out and the product arrives at the door of your home – that easy! We are not only referring to the trade of goods, but the sale of services through online platforms has also had a great growth. Thus, if your goal is to optimally insert yourself into online commerce, using translations to keep your business updated in more than one language is crucial.

On the other hand, globalization has generated international and regional agreements on regulations applicable to production and trade processes, establishing rights for workers, companies, merchants and also for consumers. Respect for equality and non-discrimination is a common norm that seeks the protection of any person due to their human condition. This has generated the need to adapt to openness, to build the conditions for interculturality, respect and tolerance for everyone. If you want to grow, offering a service in several languages ​​that is friendly and welcoming to anyone is more than a plus that a translation agency can give you.

A multilingual website, for example, will be recognized and appreciated by your diverse audience. Of the thousands of users who interact through cyberspace, the customers you are going to reach are looking for a welcoming place to stay. Using translation tools is a must if you want to keep an online business visible and up-to-date.

5 reasons why your online business needs translations:

1. Foreign trade does not stop growing! Translate to lead the international trend

The instruments and platforms offered by an ecommerce allow you to open the geographical borders of your business in a context of constant growth in foreign trade. According to the figures of the Statistical Bulletin No. 32 on foreign trade of goods in Latin America and the Caribbean carried out by ECLAC, in the first half of 2018, total exports of goods from Latin America and the Caribbean amounted to 530,375 million dollars, while imports reached 521,542 million dollars.

Use translations to professionalize and highlight your ecommerce in an increasingly competitive market without incurring large costs. Translating is an international trend for an optimal online business, you are just one step away.

2. Expand your audience and reach anywhere in the world using translation services

The basic objective of an entrepreneur is to sell to generate profits and thus achieve a profitable business: getting new clients is a constant necessity. To have a better reach of the public, you have to go out and search in new markets: Expand your ecommerce by communicating in more than one language to overcome geographical barriers.

Maintain your ecommerce with a translation service to introduce it easily and successfully into new markets and thus access more people.

Expanding your circle is essential for an ideal business development: What better way to get people who don’t speak the same language to understand and access your business?

3. Strengthen your new customers by translating your content in more than one language

However, to really be successful in your endeavor, it is not enough to obtain sales irregularly, but to achieve a constant flow of sales for a lucrative and above all, lasting business.

Searching for new customers is not enough, the challenge is to keep the ones you already have and attract the attention of those who enter your online sites. The good news? The recipe is the same: with translation services maintain constant communication, friendly and adapted to your diverse audience.

It is necessary to emphasize the benefit that translations are made by humans and not by a computer. A person who knows the language, the culture, the different dialects and the society in which we operate has the potential to deliver a clear, coherent and complete message, generating an atmosphere of closeness and comfort. It is clear that a page with the use of automated translation by a computer is not attractive or to the liking of a consumer. Boost your ecommerce together with a team of translators who offer an efficient service carried out by a local person specialized in translation in the language you want.

It stimulates trustful and friendly interactions to create a community environment with loyal customers who feel comfortable and at ease with the service.

4. Multilingual online business: translating is an advantage that will improve your web positioning

If you already have an online business, you should know the relevance of appearing first in internet search engines and earning a place in cyberspace.

Millions of users travel through the network and by expanding your business to new markets with an international scope, you require the application of SEO writing as a positioning tool, which is considerably enhanced by using translations carried out by a team of people. Why is it essential? Search engine intelligence has the ability to differentiate texts by language and prioritize the best translated content.

It is necessary to bear in mind that to maintain a high web positioning it is necessary not only to attract the target audience, but also to be able to retain their attention so that they remain connected with your sales platforms and social networks.

It is essential to maintain active traffic on your virtual platforms and deliver content not only strategically written but also of quality. Support yourself with a translation service that is professional and adapt the translation to the chosen language.

5. Translations will allow you to enter new markets and new countries, and therefore, new business opportunities!

A great benefit of investing in translations to maintain a multilingual and internationally updated e-commerce is the possibility of knowledge and networks.
Expanding and diversifying your audience using translations in addition to allowing people from other countries to be reached in their language, to get to know you and make a more informed and satisfactory purchase, generates a unique opportunity for you to learn from new markets, innovate, experiment and create strategies that can be useful in other markets.

Create leads, contacts and share experiences with people from other countries and different cultures, expand your business and grow as a person!

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